About Game On! Podcast

Game On! Podcast is just two guys having a couple of drinks and talking about games with recording equipment turned on.

We know we can’t compete with the likes of IGN, Gamespot or even Giant Bomb. We have a few PR contacts who send us press releases and trailers as well as the odd game but most of the time we’re like you. We’ll go out and buy our games on day one or wait a few months until the price is right.

What we are is your second opinion – we want you to listen to our two cents as well as some of the other great podcasts around like Drunken Gamers Radio, Gamers with Jobs and PlayStation Chat and make up your own mind.

What you’ll also get with us is a little bit of an analysis of the news from the week as well as discussion on various topics relating to the industry.

So we hope you enjoy the show and if you do or don’t then feel free to send us an email to gameonpodcastis@gmail.com

Game On!

me Paul Frew – Co-founder Former gaming journalist for Official PlayStation Magazine, Official Xbox 360 Magazine, Hyper, GamePro and GameArena – Paul came up with the idea for the podcast when snorting whiskey with his brother Kev.
Twitter: game_on_podcast
todd< Todd Cooper – Co-host & Artistic Genius Todd showed up around episode three and Paul and Kev haven’t been able to disconnect him from Skype. He has now replaced Kev as a full time host while Kev concentrates on his study – he hasn’t replaced Kev’s drinking habits though which he continues to work on one day at a time.
Website: http://www.8-ball-murphy.deviantart.com/
Twitter: 8BallMurphy

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